Acti ry

Acti is the subject association of marketing degree program students in Aalto University whose mission is to look after the rights and benefits of marketing students.  Acti is a bond between marketing students, the Faculty of Marketing and the business world, and strives to improve the cooperation of these three parties. We offer our members events in a carefree spirit that support their studies and train them for a working life. In events organized by Acti, you network effectively, learn new things, and get innovative ideas.

We cooperate with several companies, and create networks between students and enterprises by, for example, organizing marketing-related events and company excursions. Our goal is to assist students in their career paths by bringing them new ideas and helping them create useful contacts. Acti is also an extremely worthwhile channel to effectively reach marketing-orientated students through our multiple forms of cooperation. We always tailor the form and content of our cooperation to best suit the goals of each company.

Acti is also in active cooperation with Marketing Economists (MEKO) and International Economists (KV-ekonomit), both subsidiary organizations of the association Economists of Helsinki (HEKO).  The Chairman and Vice-Chairman of Acti are student members of the abovementioned organizations, thus staying constantly updated with what’s new in marketing.

Some of our already traditional events are the Biannual Career Night, Freshman Info on marketing degree program, Summer Cruise together with students and the Faculty of Marketing on the shores of Helsinki, the kick-off night of new marketing major students, and the Legendary Pre-Christmas Party. We reflect and plan on new ideas and marketing-related events continuously. By signing up to our email list and reading our blog, we can keep you posted on anything new, including upcoming company excursions and the latest job openings.